General RTO Quiz

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What is the minimum age for applying for a learner driver license in case of a motorcycle with gear or a light motor vehicle?

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When a major and a minor road intersect, who has priority?

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When another vehicle is overtaking you, what should you do?

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In which of these places should you never make a U-turn?

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If you need eyeglasses in order to see clearly, you should wear them…?

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From where on the road should right hand turns be initiated?

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When following a motorcycle, you should…?

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Which of these is the only acceptable reason to use your horn?

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You must not overtake another vehicle within what distance of an intersection?

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Which of these circumstances is the only one in which it is permissible to overtake another vehicle on the left?

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For normal driving on a six lane highway with a dividing median, which lane should you choose?

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You are about to overtake the vehicle ahead when it starts signaling its intention to turn right. What should you do?

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When a rainstorm comes, at what point will the roads the most slippery?

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Parking is defined as being stopped continuously for what time?

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If your car does not have ABS, the best way to stop quickly without skidding is to

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When stopped at traffic lights, you may go when…?

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There is a traffic holdup ahead. What should you do?

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At a junction you see a solid yellow box with diagonal hatching. You may not enter this box unless…?

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On hilly roads, which of these vehicles has the right-of-way?

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When a major and a minor road intersect, who has priority?

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